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Your Applications

My main application is:

You will be notified when power is lost or restored. iSocket will detect mains failure. You just need to plug it into a wall outlet to detect outages. This must be an outlet on the same circuit as your appliance. You don't need to plug your appliance into iSocket.

I also need:

Remote power on/off/reboot (Remote Switch)
Ambient temperature control with rise/fall alerts (small sensor)
Specific temperature control with rise/fall alerts (specific sensor with a cable)
Energy monitoring & equipment failure detection
Appliance failure detection
Electricity usage monitoring
Energy metering with all possible power monitoring (Recommended!)
Elderly supervising / Human activity monitoring
Alarm monitoring
Security/burglar alarm (motion/door opening)
Smoke/Fire alarm
Gas leakage alarm
Water: flood/leak alarm (basement, room, etc.)
Water: pure/distilled water detection (rain water, scientific experiments)
Water: flow/usage detection
Water: liquid overfill/level detection

How Many Units?

Note, one iSocket unit may only support one temperature sensor and one alarm sensor. After you have chosen your applications you may see more than just one unit here even if you only have one location. This is because of the above note. If your choice of applications led to just one iSocket unit and you want to multiply the same configuration for several locations - just click '+'. If your choice of applications led to more than one iSocket unit then by clicking '+' you will only be incrementing the main iSocket unit, but not accessories, which you can add on the next step manually.

Sounds too complicated? Well, if you are here for just power outage monitoring you don't even need to think about all we explain here - default choice will be fine for you. This simple single-page checkout may not support all complicated configurations, where different combinations are needed for several locations unless you are really familiar with our products or a tech savvy. If you need a complex configuration and unsure what to order, please contact us.
You've chosen a plan to solve your problem. If you want to solve this problem on several locations then click '+'. You will see the list of equipment for solving your problems below.

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Equipment Cost Summary

Based on the applications you have selected the following things you can do with help of iSocket:
  • Monitoring power outages and receive alerts
  • Receive SMS notifications
  • Receive WhatsApp message alerts
  • Receive voice call alerts
  • Receive email alerts
  • Receive web alerts on a computer
Below you can check the cost of the equipment.
Product Price Qty Sum


$199 1 $199
Total equipment: $199

Your Plan

Based on the selected applications and the number of locations, we've created this plan for you. It is a Plug-and-Go solution. We will create an account for you on the iSocket World IoT Portal and your iSocket will start working out of the box, without additional settings, without contracts, without the need for a new phone line or anything else that makes life difficult. Just Plug and Go! You can change your plan later if you want.
Power Outages Monitoring
Connectivity Essentials
Connects Anywhere
Real-time Сonnection Status
iSocket® Online 24/7
Power Outages Monitoring Essentials
Advanced Notifications -> Text (SMS)

Only $0.09 per text (SMS) to US numbers

Advanced Notifications -> Voice Call Message

Only $0.09 per voice call to US numbers

Advanced Notifications -> WhatsApp Message

Only $0.09 per WhatsApp message to US numbers

Advanced Notifications -> Email Alerts

Read the hint for more information

Web Alerts

Price $3.99 /mo

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iSocket (ISPROUS) without accessories

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Power Outages Monitoring

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