How to Minimize Potential Losses on Your Farm or Greenhouse

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Translated from the original French article.

Most farms cannot do without power, whether it is greenhouses or incubators, electricity is essential, because without it nothing works and it is thanks to it that we can for example regulate the temperature or the lighting of vegetables and ornamental plants in greenhouses. But it is not uncommon that unfortunately power cuts occur without us being aware of it, which can cause the temperature to fall or rise without us being aware of it, sometimes causing damage and significant financial losses. It is in this sense that it is preferable to have tools that allow you to be aware in case of power failure in order to react quickly to this situation to not be harmed and maximize your production.

As we have noticed, power outages happen and in some regions are even frequent, as in the case of greenhouse growers who are indignant about the recurrent power outages of Hydro-Quebec which, during periods of extreme cold, interrupts the distribution of electricity used for the lighting of vegetables and ornamental plants in greenhouses. Or germination problems, because germination and the proper development of the plant depends in part on the temperature and humidity of the soil, because plants to grow well need an optimal temperature range that must be maintained regardless of the outside temperature.

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Temperature alerts in Celsius and Fahrenheit

iSocket for the end of worries about your farm. With iSocket you no longer have to worry about whether your greenhouse or incubator is at the right temperature, in fact with iSocket's temperature sensor product you can set the temperature limits that must not be exceeded in order to stay within the optimal temperature range for your greenhouse, otherwise an alarm will be sent to you directly and immediately by SMS, phone call or email, depending on your choice, giving you the time to react. But not only you could also equip your farm with the Plug-and-Go Solution for power failure notifications, which will allow you to manage your farm in a smart and safe way.